Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1939

Chapter 1939

Chapter 1939

The swellings on Dominic's body gradually shrank.

However, they could not be too happy because they soon saw something tiny quickly moving under Dominic’s skin— there was more than one.

The blood vessels seemed to have come alive.

Everyone was shocked, including Austin, who gawked at the phenomenon.

"Uncle Dom..."

Dominic frowned in pain.

Although he bit his lower lip to stop groaning, he could not help letting out anguished moans.

"What should we do?" Alexander asked gravely.

He knew this was beyond Austin and did not blame him.

After all, Austin had failed to find a solution from the books within such a short period.

Therefore, Alexander could only place his hope in Dominic.

‘Perhaps he knows what to do or can find a way to buy some time.

When Lily takes care of her task over there, she can return to discuss a better solution with him"

Dominic knitted his brow as large beads of sweat covered his forehead.

He could hardly say a word.

Alexander caught sight of the gauze and scissors next to him, which Austin had probably prepared beforehand. novelbin

Without hesitation, Alexander picked them up, quickly wrapped a few layers of gauze around Dominic’s slashed wrist, then tied it off and cut the excess.

Immediately after, he helped the older man sit up partially.

Austin returned to his senses and hurriedly bandaged his own wound before turning to take a small bottle.

Then he took a pill from it and stuffed it into Dominic’s mouth.

"Is it safe for him?" Alexander asked solemnly.

Since the trio knew nothing about the symbiotes and Austin’s method had failed, Alexander feared Dominic would react poorly to the pill.

"It is," Austin answered firmly.

He had calmed down, and his gaze was unwavering.

"Uncle Dom refined dozens of precious herbs to create the life-sustaining pill.We only use it for emergencies."

However, Alexander's expression remained grim.He did not care if the pill was valuable and was only concerned over its effect on what was inside Dominic.

Fortunately, Dominic reacted before he could ask further questions.

The older man straightened up, let out a throaty, gentle sigh, then slowly opened his eyes and unfurled his eyebrows.

"Uncle Dom..."


The two called out simultaneously.

Dominic grunted a yes, then looked at Alexander before slowly turning to Austin.

Austin gazed back at his granduncle and could not stop shedding tears.

"Uncle Dom, did I...make another mistake?"

"You meant well."

Dominic shook his head and took a deep breath, seemingly attempting to adjust his breathing.

No one knew if it was the pill’s effects or if the symbiotes had calmed down, but at least Dominic looked much better and livelier.

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