The Supreme Harvey York

Chapter 4157

Chapter 4157

Chapter 4157

Avery Foster showed a playful smile.

“You should be thanking your brother-in-law by now.

“You wouldn’t be able to get a job without his help.

Harvey York cracked a smile.

“Do you really want me to lift bricks for you? Are you sure you won’t regret your decision?”

“Do you think you can just disrespect him like that? You…”

Right as Avery was about to speak up…

Along with the sound of a loud bang, the door was instantly kicked open.

The cup in Harvey’s hand shook before he squinted toward the direction.

A few fierce-looking men in shirts strode inside.

A man with long hair biting on a cigar was leading the group.

“Everybody out! We’re taking the box!” he coldly exclaimed, squinting at the Lee family.

Gabriel Lee was at his peak. He would not allow himself to bear such disrespect at this moment.

He slammed the table while his entire body reeked of alcohol.

“What are you saying?! We’re not even done eating here!”

“The chairman of the Evergreen Capital Group is coming here! Are you telling me that you want to go against him?!”

The man with a cigar showed a disdainful glare as he glared at Gabriel.

‘The chairman of the Evergreen Capital Group?

‘Cliff Saban himself?

Gabriel practically turned sober after hearing the title.

The rage in him instantly dissipated.

The crowd, who felt offended, gave in quickly. All of them knew that they could not go against Cliff.


Gabriel showed an awkward expression on his face.

He turned around and gave a few looks to his relatives.

“We should be all done now, right?” he said with a stuttery tone.

“CEO Saban’s been treating me so well. After all, he gave me such a huge project to work on! Let’s just give him the box if he wants it!

“It’ll make things easier for us if we do the same to him, right?”

Gabriel quickly gave himself an out to stop himself from getting embarrassed.

His mother also quickly nodded.

“That’s right! We need to show him respect!

“CEO Saban is a businessman! His meal could mean millions of dollars worth of deals! We don’t need to be eating here anyway!”

The relatives stood up immediately after hearing those words. novelbin

All of them bowed with righteous looks on their faces.

The men standing before the entrance burst out laughing after seeing such a sorry sight.

They had seen quite a lot of useless filth in their lives, but it was their first time seeing some try so

hard just to pretend that they were actually competent people.

“Our dishes aren’t even here yet, Gabriel! We’re leaving already?

Harvey raised his head and glanced at the entrance.

“I gave away three hundred dollars just to get here.

“I can’t just leave without eating the food.

“Someone like Cliff is enough to scare you people off like that?

“Isn’t this the Golden Sands’ third-rate family?

“Looks like you people aren’t that impressive after all.

Then, Harvey pointed at the cup of tea in front of him.

“Get Cliff here to apologize right now!” he told the fierce men.

“Can’t you see that I’m drinking my tea?!

“Do you think I don’t exist here or something?!”

The fierce men froze after hearing those words.

They could not help but dig their ears, thinking they heard something wrong.

In their minds, Harvey obviously looked like an idiot at this very moment.

Gabriel and the others were utterly shocked as well.

“What are you saying?!” Gabriel exclaimed with a gloomy look on his face.

“Since when did someone like you get the right to say that?!

“This is my family’s banquet!

“We’re leaving if I say so!

“Just die alone if you want, but don’t drag everyone else into this!

Then, he continuously bowed in front of the fierce men.

“He’s just a live-in son-in-law, everyone! He doesn’t think before he speaks! Just ignore him!”

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